Do you want to get more done in less time?

I was in the same frustrating situation. That's why I'm going to help you.

"Hi! I'm Wolf and I' going to teach you everything you need to know to transform your translating business in a highly efficient powerhouse." — Wolf Steinhauer

In our free efficiency report you are going to lean how I went from 2.000 words per day to more than 10.000 words per day without working longer or harder. 

 You are going to learn:

  • strategies from professional sports and large enterprises that are going to make your work a lot easier. 
  •  how to double your productivity in a few short weeks. 
  •  how to restructure your processes to save an awful lot of time. 
  •  techniques and analytics tool to track your progress. 
  •  how to work less, have less stress and get more work done 
  •  how to earn more 
  •  how to have more fun at work.

“This course helped me reduce stress and increase my output by 300 % without breaking a sweat. It's incredible. All the tactics and strategies in the course are nothing new. You see them everyday in all kinds of businesses. It was about time someone adapted them to translating.”

about me

I’m Wolf and I’m going to teach you everything I had to learn the hard way in the last 10 years as an interpreter and translator in professional sports, the industry and in analytics.

I watched, learned and adapted what I saw to translating. Then I ran tests for 2 years to find the best way to do it. Working efficiently is no big deal and it’s not difficult to learn. Just a few changes and little bit of practice and your worklife will be easier and more fulfilling. 

— Wolf Steinhauer